Ensure that your pokemon crew has at minimum one particular pokemon with the Flash capability, one particular pokemon with the Surf capability and one particular pokemon with the Fly capability.

Go to Lavender City. Lavender City is located on the jap facet of the Kanto map and need to be the upcoming stop after defeating the Fuchsia health and fitness center leader.

Head north on Route 10. The trainers on route 10 have a degree-forty five Machamp and a degree-43 Quagsire.

Enter the Rock Tunnel at the finish of Route 10. Select the pokemon with Flash, and use the capability to mild the cave. The Rock Tunnel consists of Geodudes, Zubats, Cubones, Machops, Machokes, Onix, Marowaks and Kangaskhans.

Head still left and go down the ladder to the basement degree. Go up and still left to come across the ladder up to the to start with flooring. Transfer right and up and consider the route to the still left until you get to two sets of stairs. Use the uppermost stairs and observe the wall and consider the ladder down. Observe the higher route until your upcoming conclusion point. Take the right route until your upcoming conclusion point. Take home the still left route to come across the ladder up. Transfer up and right to exit the Rock Tunnel on to the Cerulean-facet of Route 10.

Recover at the Pokemon Middle if important and continue north on Route 10.

When you get to h2o, pick the pokemon with the Surf capability and head south together the h2o to the Electric power Plant. Communicate to each human being in the Electric power Plant, and then exit. As you exit, a guard will tell you that the thief was noticed in Cerulean Metropolis.

Surf again to Route 10 and head right on to Route 9. The route has 6 trainers with a wide variety of pokemon levels 40 to forty five. The trainers' pokemon types are mostly rock, ground, grass, traveling and h2o. Go on down Route 9 until you get to Cerulean Metropolis.

Locate and enter the Pokemon Gymnasium at the center of the city. A Workforce Rocket grunt will exit the health and fitness center. Observe him out of the health and fitness center.

Head to the north facet of Cerulean Metropolis to get to Route 24 and the Nugget Bridge. Come across the Workforce Rocket grunt and discuss to him to initiate a battle. His only pokemon is a degree-39 Golbat. When he is defeated, he will say that the lacking Electric power Plant machine part is concealed in the Cerulean Gymnasium.

Transfer south into Cerulean Metropolis and proceed to the health and fitness center. Locate the lifestyle guard tower in the higher still left corner and research the buoy around it to come across the machine part.

Retrace your actions west on Route 9 and south on Route 10. Surf on the h2o again to the Electric power Plant.

Converse to the huge male in the Electric power Plant. He will consider the machine part and restore the Electric power Plant.

Exit the Electric power Plant and use the pokemon with the Fly capability to fly again to Lavender City.

Go to the Radio Tower on the southeastern edge of Lavender City. Converse with the male in entrance of the stairwell to attain entry to the radio tower. He will also give an Expansion Card, offering you the capability to use the Pokeflute channel in your Pokegear. The Pokeflute channel can be utilised to awaken the sleeping Snorlax east of Vermillion Metropolis on Route eleven.

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